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Sant Joan d'Alicante

Sant Joan d'Alacant is known for its peacefulness, At the villa you can hear the birds sing, and its a realxing atmosphere. In close proximity you have restaurants, grocey stores and the beach.

Sant Joan d'Alacant is situated on the eastern coast of the country, specifically in the community of Valencia.  

Sant Joan d'Alacant is a residential town that is known for its peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. It is located just a few kilometers north of the city of Alicante and benefits from its proximity to the coast. The town is characterized by low-rise buildings and a mix of traditional and modern architecture. 

Sant Joan d'Alacant has several parks and gardens, providing pleasant areas for leisure and recreation. The town has a small historical center with narrow streets and a charming ambiance. 

 One of the notable attractions in the area is the Playa de Sant Joan, a beautiful sandy beach that stretches for several kilometers along the coast. The beach offers facilities for relaxation, water sports, and beachside dining. It is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, especially during the summer months. 


Sant Joan d'Alacant is surrounded by natural areas that offer scenic trails and paths for walking, hiking, or biking. For example, you can explore the natural park of Serra Grossa, which is located nearby.


The area has several great restaurant, some even mentioned in the Michelein Guide. We recommend a trip to restaurant Els Vents in Sant Joan, and Brel, in El Campello for a great meal at very affordable prices.


If you enjoy golfing, there are golf courses within a short distance from Sant Joan d'Alacant, such as the Alicante Golf Club, and El Plantío Golf Resort situated near Alicante Airport.

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 Alicante has several shopping streets that cater to different tastes and budgets. The main shopping street is Avenida Maisonnave, a pedestrianized area lined with numerous shops, boutiques, and department stores. You'll find popular international brands, Spanish fashion retailers, and local designers showcasing their creations.

Spain's largest department store chain, El Corte Inglés, located in the heart of the city, it offers a wide range of products, including clothing, accessories, cosmetics, electronics, home goods, and gourmet food. It's a great option for one-stop shopping.

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